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General Offerings

Copy Edit

A sharp examination to abolish errors and elevate content*


A final scan to rid your content of any pesky lingering errors*

Line Edit

A deep dive into the integrity and structure of your content

*When applicable, I will include a rule (copied from a reference book like The Associated Press Stylebook or The Chicago Manual of Style, for example) that explains each correction on the first instance. That way you can learn for next time!

Special Services

Customized Style Guide

All publications, businesses, and authors (particularly those who write book series) eventually come to realize something: they need a style guide. A style guide includes not only grammar and punctuation rules but also your brand’s style choices, such as words to avoid in marketing materials and how to style signage in your manuscript. I deliver a style guide tailored just for you.

Buy My Day

Do you have a hodgepodge of projects in the works that all need an editor’s eye? Maybe you also need a style guide and some advice on editorial processes. Buy my services for the whole day, and I will work on whatever you need.