“Jaime is an absolute dream to work with. She wields her expertise with ease, has an incredible attention to detail, and always delivers on time. She’s truly dedicated to her work, which makes her go above and beyond in every project. I honestly can’t say enough good things about her or her work.”
—Katrina Diaz Arnold, owner and lead editor of Refine Editing

“In overseeing Jaime’s line-editing work,
I quickly learned that she’s a diligent, eagle-eyed copy editor. Her attention to detail led to improved readability of pieces without removing any tone or voice from the content. She also was a joy to work with—flexible, kind, and receptive to feedback.”
—Alexis Berger, senior lifestyle editor, Well+Good

“I’ve been working with Jaime for several years, and her work consistently stands out for its attention to detail. Recently, she took on a large-scale project for us that included copyediting several pages of website copy using a newly developed set of voice guidelines. After she turned it into us (ahead of schedule) the content felt unified and polished. You would never have known it was written by more than 10 staff members. I highly recommend Jaime!”
—Leah Campbell, manager, creative solutions, Atlantic Brand Partners

“Jaime is the best editor who’s ever worked with me, bar none, full stop. I’ve collaborated with many editors from news media, traditional publishing, and other backgrounds, and none have ever matched Jaime’s caliber of work. I would trust her judgment completely with my own personal writing projects along with clients’ projects.”
—Ellen Fishbein, founder, Writing.coach

“Working with Jaime has been a dream. I came to her because I was excited about the potential of a story I had written, but wasn’t feeling confident with my grammar. Jaime had the credentials, but she was also easy to work with and incredibly thorough. I could tell through some of her notes that she paid attention to the overall story, not just removing commas and adjusting ellipses. It made me feel good that she seemed invested in what I had presented. I would not hesitate to recommend Jaime and hope that this is the first of many collaborations to come.”
—a.e.kincaid, author, aekincaid.com

“Jaime was thorough and quick, asked the right questions, and was a pleasure to work with. She got up to speed very quickly with our house style and our CMS.”

—Wayne Hoffman, executive editor, Tablet Magazine